Free Viewer Program

TruView Software can be loaded on multiple computers. .lgs files created from Leica Cyclone Register 360 software can be shared and viewed with this program.

Prior Version

The TruView viewer v2022 is the latest released version of the program formally called - JetStream Viewer.

It is recommended you upgrade from JSV to TruView.

Three different installers exist for TruView:

  1. TruView - This is free Windows program that installs quickly. The majority of users will use this installer.
  2. TruView Portable - This installer should be left zipped on external media and decompressed by the end viewer to avoid having to install TruView program on their computer. A perfect solution for when users cannot add software to their computers.
  3. TruView VR - A VR enabled installer added to the installed windows TruView Viewer is offered. Requires additional software to be configured for viewing with HTC Vibe type immersive viewing goggles.

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