Our Realty Capture Smart Learning training site hosted on the Teachable LMS platform offers self directed lesson plans making 24/7/365 training possible for law enforcement.

Its 2AM and no calls on the log? What shall I do? Step into a class on scanning, registering or working with scan data in the TruView program.

OH DARN. A shooting just came in.... Leave and when you get back tomorrow or next week pick up where you left off working.

Some Reality Capture Smart Learning courses are free. Some require a code or are purchased for a fee to register.

If your agency has a Smart Plan the content at our Teachable website is included. See a class here in the library you like? Login to the HDSU-Smartplan.com site and search for Teachable:

The courses that require a registration code will be listed. Copy the code and start your class.

Smart Plans are an affordable annual subscription teaching plan where unlimited access to web content is offered and virtual live instructor courses are offered every two weeks.

Packages are offered opening unlimited virtual training classes for the subscription year for 1-2 persons, 3 to 5 or more than 6 staff members.

The optimal training package is when a Smart Plan is bundled with onsite training leveraging pre and post access to manufacture trainers.

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